Friday, July 10, 2009

...As You Would Do Unto Others

And the day I gave my aunt the gift, she brought this down for me. Isn't it great!?!?! They were cleaning out their garage and came across this. My Aunt had gotten it from a widower whose wife sewed. She was very good and even wrote articles in the local paper. My Aunt had gotten it to give to her mother-in-law, but she passed away and so it sat in their garage. She called me earlier in the week to ask me if I might be interested...heck yeah! She knew I was enjoying sewing, but had no idea I was working on something for her. My current sewing machine - a bottom of the line White. I love her, but she was as nice as I could afford. I am/was still learning things on this one, so the Singer will be a whole new world for me.

Look at all of these great things!

The desk is full of all kinds of goodies, from more feet, to piping to needles!

Look at all the options for stitches. How will I choose? ...And all those feet.

The manuals A fancy button holer...

I am super excited about the monogrammer...we are going to have EVERYTHING monogrammed, down to our undies! Plus there was this extra sewing bin. Look inside...

Threads galore! Many of them are brand new. And lots more feet and needles and bias tape. Soo much stuff! I will have a lot of fun.

Now the sad news....We are having huge amounts of company this weekend (I am supposed to be cooking now), and the machine is relegated to the garage until after everyone leaves. I hear it calling me, cruel fate. Watch out Monday!


sewmeow said...

Congrats! on receiving such a wonderful thing from your Auntie. You are going to be having a blast looking through all of the "stuff".

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Have fun!

Beeshebags said...

Oh wow, how lucky are you girl? Getting such a great machine and ALL those wonderful extra's...are you sure your Aunt didn't mean for you to send it all to me? lol Just kidding.....have fun playing with it all, and don't forget to post pics of all your monogrammed stuff....MINUS pics of the undies! Hugs Naomi