Monday, August 17, 2009

A canning we will go...

The garden has gone crazy....the tomatoes are attacking. It is not safe to go out at night, for fear of zucchini maulings. I promised myself to do a better job of using and saving the bounties of our labor this year. So this year, I have learned to can. As a freshman biology major in college, my professor loved to scare us with canning stories gone wrong, botulism baddies! It has made me prefer freezing to canning. But our poor freezer can take no more. It was time to overcome the fear and jump in. Of course, I do nothing half way, so I jumped in with both feet and set to it. We made Blueberry Jam, Kiwi jelly, and Jalapeno jelly (peppers from the garden). I also made zucchini relish and cucumber pickles - again veggies from the garden. The last of the green beans have been dilled and canned.
Since this canning fiesta, I have also made batches of tomato sauce, but chose to freeze them instead.

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Tonya's Sewing Room said...

same here, I have jars of green beans and tomatoes coming out of my ears....we'll eat good this winter for sure