Friday, May 29, 2009

Another Rainy Day

Seems like we had our April Showers lead to May Showers, instead of flowers. They are saying another day of rain today. I should be sad, but it means it will be too wet to do the outside work that I should be doing, and instead spend the day feeding the need to sew. I made a pair of capris this past weekend and I wasn't completely happy. They were great, except the pant leg bottom was just to wide. I want to try again and this time try to taper in the leg a bit to make it fit better. It was my first time putting pockets into the pants, I was very scared to try, but in the end, follow the pattern, and they turned out great!

Meanwhile, another craft from the backlog. This is a very, very simple fleece throw I made for my grandfather several years ago. Just a piece of fleece with some binding around it. The special part was I took all of his travel patches off his old jacket and put them on the blanket. By that time he really couldn't see anymore, but people would visit him in the nursing home and it acted as a great conversation starter..."look at all the places you have been"; "which was your favorite?"; "tell me about this one?". He cherished the blanket until he passed, when my mom kindly gave it back to me to keep. Patches are a great way to mark your travels (light, easy to get from just about everywhere, last for ever). Ever member of our family has a patch jacket (okay mine fit me when I was 10!), and now we even collect them for my husband so he can start one.

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Wagonwife Designs said...

What a fantastic idea for the collection of patches. Must have meant a great deal to your Grandfather.
Glad the capris came out well. Sometimes we are more afraid of trying.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
It was fun to visit yours.